旗鼓相當  qí gǔ xiāng dāng








  • 旗鼓相當, 勝負難分。
    The two sides were so well-matched that neither could gain the upper hand.

  • 最後的結果應該是兩者旗鼓相當
    The net result should hopefully come out equal.

  • 正象反復強調的那樣,性反應在兩性之間旗鼓相當
    As repeatedly emphasized, the sexual responses are comparable in both sexes.

  • 被視為最佳球員,部分因素是要有旗鼓相當的對手。
    Part of being considered the best is having rivalries.

  • 如果兩個對手旗鼓相當,那麼什麼因素會打破這種平衡呢?
    When two opponents are evenly matched, what’s the factor that tips the balance one way or the other?

  • 這份工作會和你現在的工作旗鼓相當,也許可能更適合你。
    The job would be on a level similar to the level you are on now, but that might be fine with you.

  • 很顯然,車輛的承重能力也不過與其最差的部分旗鼓相當
    Obviously, the load-carrying capacity of the vehicle is only as strong as the weakest part.

  • 兩個對手並不是那麼旗鼓相當,他們擁有的軍事力量很不對等。
    These two antagonists were poorly matched, insofar as they had very unequal strengths;

  • 一方面有豐富的經驗,另一方面有堅定的決心,彼此旗鼓相當
    The rich experience of one side and the firm determination of the other balance each other out.

  • 這場比賽旗鼓相當,比分很接近。最後結果是98比96,我們贏瞭。
    It was a close match. The final score was 98 to 96 in our favor.

  • 麥凱恩將在俄亥俄參加幾個活動,這個州的幾次投票,兩人都是旗鼓相當
    McCain has several events in Ohio where several polls have the two nearly tied.

  • 就好像是兩個旗鼓相當的重量級選手在冠軍爭奪賽中的第六輪或第七輪比賽。
    The two finalists are well matched and it should result in a nail-biting finish to the tournament.

  • 其他人的成就可能高於你,而且無論你多努力,似乎也不可能與他們旗鼓相當
    Others might have better achievements than you, and no matter how hard you tried, it might seem impossible for you to match them.

  • 因此,關鍵是要偽造出一個新的數字,讓蘇聯和美國看起來在軍費開支上旗鼓相當
    The point was to come up with a new figure that did not make the Soviet Union an unequal partner of the United States.

  • 他補充到;“英超聯賽和西甲的確是旗鼓相當——在那裡比賽的確對我有吸引力。”
    He added: “The Premier League is definitely on a par with La Liga — and playing there absolutely appeals to me.”

  • 我們的目標是,成為與迪斯尼、夢工廠、皮克斯、維塔電影巨頭旗鼓相當的世界影視中堅。
    It is our aim to grow this company to be a world force in filmmaking –rivaling Disney, DreamWorks, Pixar and Weta Digital.

  • 很多分析人士預期,選舉結果將是各派旗鼓相當,從而導致黎巴嫩成立某種形式的聯合政府。
    Many analysts are expecting a close vote that will result in some form of coalition government.

  • 這一數據與知道1941年日本襲擊珍珠港和1945年美國在日本投下原子彈的人數旗鼓相當
    A figure matched only by the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941 and the dropping of atomic bombs on Japan in 1945.

  • 使用懷疑時的審慎和使用圈套時的精明要旗鼓相當,絕對不必心地太好,以至於別人能對你使壞。
    Prudence should use as much suspicion as subtlety uses slaves, and none need to be so good as to enable others to do him ill.

  • 但射正球門的次數,阿森納隻有6次,桑德蘭是5次,從進攻質量上來說,雙方實際上旗鼓相當
    Shots on goal but the goal the number of times, Arsenal 6, Sunderland 5 times, from the attack on the quality, the two sides evenly matched in practice.

  • 盡管它有著怯懦的聲譽,但它與獅子旗鼓相當。事實上,它在非洲的捕食者中僅排在百獸之王之後。
    Despite its cowardly reputation, it’s a fitting rival to the lion. In fact, it’s second only to the King of Beasts among the African predators.

  • 眾所周知,世界上講漢語的人數和講英語的人數旗鼓相當,英語分佈的地理區域則比漢語要廣闊得多。
    As is known to all, the Chinese-speaking population is very close to the English-speaking population in the world, English has abroader scope than Chinese in terms of geological distribution.

  • 《不公平合同條款法案》該不該適用於[雇傭合同],我覺得,法律界在這一問題上正反兩方旗鼓相當
    I suspect the legal profession was evenly split on whether UCTA applied [to employment contracts].

  • 顯然,早在抗日戰爭結束之前,*就持有這樣的看法,即他們能夠在旗鼓相當的基礎上,與蔣介石爭奪天下。
    It seems quite obvious that the Communists had decided before the end of the war with Japan that they could compete on an equal basis with Chiang Kai-shek for power in China.

  • 兩者的機身控制鈕的使用感覺旗鼓相當,M6的快門釋放感覺比G2稍好,G2的快門速度調節轉盤感覺好一些;
    The controls of each are comparable in feel. The shutter release of the M6 feels slightly better than the G2. The shutter speed dial of the G2 feels better.

  • 這幾乎和股市回報率旗鼓相當瞭。但如果利率再度開始迅猛回升,那麼債券基金的投資收益就會迅速轉變為大筆虧損。
    That’s almost on par with the stock market’s gains. But those gains will quickly turn into big losses if interest rates start rising briskly again.

  • 這些郵件還顯示,阿裡和薩瓦爾兩人的角色完全不同,但重要性旗鼓相當,他們完全接受巴基斯坦方面的控制和指令。
    They demonstrate also that Ali and Sarwar had entirely different but equally important roles to perform, and they were entirely under the control and direction of Pakistan.

  • 在我們的讀者中,持相左觀點的人數旗鼓相當,支持減少與反對相比僅僅是56%對44%,這又表明同懲罰政客相比還有更重要的去做。
    Our readers, however, remain relatively evenly split on this question, supporting a cut by only a margin of 56% to 44%, suggesting again they have other priorities than punishing politicians.

  • 小悟空和天津飯在力量和技巧上顯得驚人的旗鼓相當,但場外發生的一系列事件激怒瞭天津飯,讓他重新下定決心,全力以赴地投入比賽。
    Goku and Tien’s power and technique seem to be amazingly equal, but a dramatic turn of events enrages Tien to a new level of focus and determination.

  • 這種聯系是文化上的,在公眾的眼裡,國會議員和銀行傢如今旗鼓相當,都是脫離真實的世界,享受巨大的特權並把這一切視為理所應當精英。
    The link is cultural. In the public eye, MPs and bankers now look equivalent as elites, detached from the real world, enjoying massive privileges and thinking of them as entitlements.

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