毫不諱言  háo bù huì yán






  • 面對記者的采訪,小夢毫不諱言
    Facing reporter’s interview, the small dream did not refuse to talk about.

  • “你的女朋友,”我毫不諱言地說。
    “Your girl. ” I said, mincing no words.

  • 老師毫不諱言指出瞭他的毛病。
    The teacher more than hinted at his flaws.

  • 直率表現出毫不諱言或真誠;
    Frankness or sincerity of expression; openness.

  • 阿德爾曼上任後,毫不諱言他對火箭隊的改變。
    When Adelman became the coach, he never denied that he will change Rockets.

  • 她在采訪中還毫不諱言地表示:“我沒有做錯。
    She also makes no secret to the interview said: “I have done nothing wrong”.

  • 言談中,行業領頭羊們也毫不諱言各自的努力方向。
    Comments, industry leader who also makes no secret of their endeavors.

  • 誰在炒樓陳先生毫不諱言自己就是一名樓市投資客。
    who own property speculation in the property market is an investment passengers.

  • 王偉忠毫不諱言對他的欣賞,更將其視作自己公司的接班人。
    Wang Wei-chung no secret of his appreciation, even as its own company’s successor.

  • 奧爾德林毫不諱言自己70年代初返回地球後的情況如何糟糕。
    Aldrin holds nothing back when talking about how bad things were when he fell to earth in the early 70s.

  • 毫不諱言,許多國有雞場的生產經營已經陷入瞭舉步維艱的困境之中。
    None dare not or would not speak up, the production of field managed a lot of state-owned chicken to had been been immersed in step forward in the predicament of dimension difficult.

  • 奧爾德林毫不諱言自己70年代初返回地球後的情況如何變得每況愈下。
    Aldrin holds nothing back when talking about how bad things were when he fell to earth in the early 70s.

  • 聖經毫不諱言耶穌基督將會作全地的王,而且,全宇宙都要伏在祂的腳下。
    The Word of God leaves no doubt that ultimately Jesus Christ will not only be king over the earth, but over the whole universe.

  • “我們在中國的主要對手就是聯想,”惠普一位負責人毫不諱言地告訴記者。
    “Our main rival in China is Lenovo, ” an official from Hewlett-Packard bluntly told reporters.

  • 提起當嘉賓主持的經歷,徐靜蕾接受采訪時毫不諱言:“那就是一場噩夢。”
    “When the guests bring the experience of an interview with Xu Jinglei to say:” That is a nightmare.

  • 毫不諱言,中國的民主政治絕不是西方現有的民主制度,但兩者之間有著巨大的聯系。
    Not care a continental, Chinese democracy is not the west democracy, but they have the great contact between them.

  • 盡管旺盛的人氣反映出剛性需求仍存,但多數參展商毫不諱言仍然難以拉動購房者下單。
    Although the exuberant human spirit reflected the rigid demand still saved, but the most exhibitors did not refuse to talk about that still with difficulty drew under the home-buyer the list.

  • 阿任毫不諱言當下網絡推手行業中確實存在不規范的操作,有欺騙、有虛假的東西在裡面。
    A holds the post of none network of instantly of dare not or would not speak up shoves a hand non-standard operation exists really in the industry, have deceit, false thing is in inside.

  • 毫不諱言的告訴中國要杜絕假貨,並警告說隨著奧運會的臨近,世界將關註中國的人權問題。
    She did not mince her words, telling China to stamp out fakes and warning it that the world would be watching its human rights record as the Olympics approached.

  • 雖然本·拉登和他的基地組織毫不諱言自己就是9·11元兇,美國政府也對其進行瞭堅定的打擊。
    Although Osama bin Laden and his al-Qaeda is no secret of their 9. 11 culprits, the U. S. government has also carried out a firm blow.

  • 聯合國的一項報告表明,通過實施一系列的措施,“[北京]市現在可以毫不諱言取得的重大成就。”
    Byimplementing a number of initiatives, the UN report stated, ‘the city[of Beijing] can boast significant achievements’ (12).

  • 能夠毫不諱言,抽絲剝繭,把權色交易分析到如此精準的地步,就目前的大環境來說,確實是需要勇氣的。
    Can not say, leaving no stone unturned to bring the right color analysis of the transaction to the point where such a precise, the current environment, indeed the need for courage.

  • 近幾年,學校的安全壓力越來越大,甚至可以毫不諱言的說,某些時候,安全的壓力甚至超過升學率的壓力。
    In recent years, the school security pressure is getting bigger and bigger, even may not refuse to talk about said that certain time, the safe pressure even surpasses the proportion the pressure.

  • 毫不諱言地指出,性傳播已經成為防控艾滋病的頭號敵人,他還首次向媒體披露瞭一些鮮為人知的艾滋病故事。
    He bluntly pointed out that the spread of AIDS prevention and control has become the number one enemy, he also revealed to the media for the first time some of the little-known story of AIDS.

  • 根據預期,一些令人擔憂的跡象正在漸次浮現,而且美國聯邦儲備委員會在3月18日發表的聲明中對此毫不諱言
    On expectations, some worrying signs are emerging. The Fed admitted as much in its statement on March 18th. Survey-based measures are nudging upwards.

  • 中國郵政集團公司郵票發行部副總經理鄧慧國毫不諱言:“在全球范圍內,郵政傳統業務即函件業務都在呈下降趨勢。”
    China Post Group stamps DENG Hui, vice president of the country not to say: “Globally, the traditional postal business operations in the letter that the downward trend.”

  • 德國官員將這些計劃視為跨越全球衰退的“橋梁”,他們毫不諱言,希望這座橋梁通向什麼目標:回歸出口帶動型經濟增長。
    Officials see these initiatives as a “bridge” over global recession and they are candid about what they hope is on the other side: a return to export-led growth.

  • 徐斯霖毫不諱言柯達與廈門的“密切”關系,他說,在經過“壯士斷臂”的重組之後,廈門已經成為柯達亞太區最大生產基地。
    Xu pagumogonimus-Lin hesitate Kodak and Xiamen ” ” close relations, he said, after the wrecking of ” ” generals then, Xiamen has become a KODAK MAX Asia-Pacific region.

  • 寫字樓連年居高不下的空置率已成瞭人們司空見慣的事實,有的業內人士在被問及此話題時甚至毫不諱言地說已經找不到感覺瞭。
    Office has a high vacancy rate is the fact that common people, some in the industry about this topic without mentioning that has not even felt.

  • 北汽控股毫不諱言自己對通用汽車旗下薩博(Saab)品牌的興趣——如果能在年底前找到合適的買傢,通用汽車計劃將該品牌售出。
    BAIC has made no secret that it is interested in GM’s Saab brand, which the Detroit carmaker plans to sell if it can find a suitable buyer by year end.

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