經久不息  jīng jiǔ bù xī






  • 他在經久不息的掌聲中退下瞭舞臺。
    He left the stage to prolonged applause.

  • 同學們非常欣賞那位講演者的演講,掌聲經久不息
    The audience enjoyed the play very much and time and again clapped loudly.

  • 同學們非常欣賞那位講演者的演講,掌聲經久不息
    The students enjoyed the speaker so much that the clapping continued for a long time.

  • 他的演唱深深感染瞭觀眾,贏得瞭經久不息的熱烈掌聲。
    His performance moved the audience and received long and warm applause.

  • 父親,親情,真愛,永遠是這個世界上經久不息的絕唱。
    Father, affection, love, is always the world prolongs the song.

  • 但這隻是依賴懷戀往事的小市場,它們不可能經久不息
    But these are niche markets that depend on nostalgia, and they are unlikely to last.

  • 理查德。克萊德曼結束演出的時候,觀眾全體起立,掌聲經久不息
    When Richard Clayderman finished the performance, the whole audience was on their feet and clapped and clapped.

  • 他對遊苔莎那種熾熱的愛一直是他整個生命裡的一種經久不息的力量。
    His passion for Eustacia had been a sort of conserve of his whole life.

  • 迭戈射入瞭巴西本場第一粒球後,歡呼聲再次在體育場回蕩,經久不息
    The cheers went up again when Diego scored the first goal of the night for Brazil.

  • 記得當時,全場的掌聲經久不息。因為:回傢,是中國人最珍視的價值觀念。
    I can still remember that the hall echoed with prolonged applause because returning home is the most cherished value held by the Chinese people.

  • 他們的努力得到瞭肯定,觀眾經久不息的掌聲就是送給這些孩子最好的禮物。
    They diligently obtained the affirmation, audience’s prolonged applause give these child best gift.

  • 選秀的評委和觀眾被他征服瞭,許多觀眾感動得落淚,站起來給他經久不息的掌聲。
    He captivated the show’s judges and audiences, even moving many audiences to tears and to give standing ovations.

  • 你的微笑是一首歌,青春的戀歌。那優美的旋律,經久不息地回蕩在我的心地與腦海。
    Your smile is a song, a love song singing for youth. The melody resounds in my heart without stopping.

  • 大自然恒定不變的穩定性,和我們自身經久不息的變化比起來,一定有著同樣的效果。
    The fixed and constant immobility of nature , in comparison with the continual change which goes on within us , must have the same effect.

  • 這樣一個美妙時刻,聖誕鐘聲經久不息,我的心在無盡的懷念中,感受你我靈魂的共鳴。
    In such a wonderful time, the Christmas bell prolongs. My heart is immersed in endless longing for you and feeling sympathetic of our souls.

  • 他們的努力在開幕式上得到瞭肯定,觀眾經久不息的掌聲就是送給這些孩子最好的禮物。
    They diligently obtained the affirmation at the opening ceremony, audience’s prolonged applause give these child best gift.

  • 敬畏中國是因為這個國傢如此巨大、如此古老、如此厚重,彌漫著經久不息的神秘氣息。
    Awe, because it’s so vast and so old and so storied; China has an enduring mystique (which its tourism promoters hope never fades).

  • 共產黨的官方喉舌人民日報稱溫的演講贏得瞭“經久不息的掌聲”,但是沒有提到那隻鞋。
    People’s Daily, the official mouthpiece of the Communist Party, said Mr Wen’s speech had won “sustained applause” but did not mention the shoe.

  • 在這樣一個美妙的時刻,聖誕鐘聲經久不息,我的心在無盡的懷念中,感受你我靈魂的共鳴。
    In such a wonderful time, the Christmas bell prolongs. My heart is immersed in endless longing for you and feeling sympathetic response of our soul.

  • 此刻慶祝伊始,場內活動持續瞭一個小時而其後的慶祝更是經久不息,事實上直至夜幕降臨。
    Celebrations start and continue for an hour on the pitch and for longer afterwards, and indeed well into the night.

  • 摘 要 責任是倫理學中比較古老的范疇,責任教育也是人類文化傳承中經久不息的主題之一。
    Responsibility is one of old category in ethics, correspondingly, responsibility education is one of prolonged themes in human culture.

  • 在他離開斯佩蘭斯基以後,這種有節制的、憂鬱的笑聲經久不息地在安德烈公爵的耳旁發出回響。
    That punctual, mirthless laugh was ringing in Prince Andrey’s ears long after he had left Speransky’s.

  • 《永不停跳的舞步》中李月和殘疾人藝術團的聾啞舞者們精彩的表演贏得瞭觀眾經久不息的掌聲。
    “Never Stopped Dance step which Jumped” Li Yue and the disabled person art group’s deaf-mute dancers splendid performance has received audience’s prolonged applause.

  • 那呼聲震耳欲聾,經久不息,令人歡欣鼓舞。眾人本身所構成的這個龐大的隊伍的人數和威力使他們自己大吃一驚。
    with a shout so deafening, so prolonged, so joyful, that the men themselves felt awestruck at the multitude and force of the mass they made up.

  • 2007年的舞臺已徐徐落下帷幕,中國與亞洲共謀的當代藝術市場,傳來的掌聲、吶喊聲、竊喜聲、嘆息聲,經久不息
    The curtain is ringing down slowly on the stage of 2007. In China and Aisa contemporary art market, you can hear all kinds of applause, whoop, chuckle and sigh.

  • 中華人民共和國開國大典,無疑是中華民族歷史上最輝煌的時刻。那隆隆的禮炮聲,曾經久不息地回蕩在天安門廣場的上空。
    Gun salute sound of Na Longlong, ever prolonged does not cease ground resound is in of Tiananmen Square in the sky.

  • 斯佩蘭斯基的尖細的嗓音聽來逆耳,使他覺得奇怪,他那經久不息的虛偽的笑聲,不知為什麼使安德烈公爵在感情上受到侮辱。
    Speransky’s high voice struck him unpleasantly, and his continual laugh in its high-pitched, falsetto note was for some reason an offence to Prince Andrey’s feelings.

  • 經濟全球化帶來的“英語熱”經久不息,借助熱點話題來深化中文和英文的讀者,一般不大會討厭通過針對話題的探究來提升自己的方式。
    Globalization brings about the hot wave of English learning. For anyone who likes to deepen English as a second language intelligently or go global for whatever reasons, here i …

  • 講座結束時,臺下的掌聲經久不息,這是對胡振洲同學本次講座的充分肯定,也算是大傢對他的辛苦的一點感謝吧,也說明瞭有很多學生對計算機及網絡知識有濃厚的興趣。
    There was a continuous applause under the stage. It was a full conviction about Mr. Hu. It also showed that some students had much interest in computer and network.

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