膽戰心驚  dǎn zhàn xīn jīng








  • 你的聲音,一個個頓時膽戰心驚
    Thy voice, and suddenly grow gray with fear.

  • 我們的隆隆炮聲使敵人膽戰心驚
    Our roaring guns left the enemy trembling with fear.

  • 這個膽戰心驚的男孩雙手發抖,不敢出聲。
    The frightened boy dared not say a word, with his hands trembling.

  • 不要把生命浪費在猶豫不決和膽戰心驚上。
    Do not waste life in doubts and fears.

  • 膽戰心驚的心理會妨礙外交人員的健康成長。
    A climate of fear would arrest a healthy maturation of diplomatic personnel .

  • 每一處都令人膽戰心驚,這是珠峰南線最危險的地段。
    Universally terrifying, it is the most dangerous part of the southern route on Everest.

  • 我還是不明白。我隻是知道他的想法足以讓我膽戰心驚
    I really have no idea. All I know is that the thought of him really curls my hair!

  • 被搶林彈雨包圍的居民們膽戰心驚,在混亂中慌忙逃走。
    Terrified residents ran in panic and confusion as gunfire crackled around them.

  • 低沉渾厚的鼓聲,緩緩的表現出黑夜險境,令人膽戰心驚
    Deep and vigorous beating of drums, slowly showing dangerous situation at dark night, making one fear-ridden.

  • 被人問起時,我說奎爾的言語會使全美國的消防栓膽戰心驚
    When asked about it, I said Quayle’s claim would strike terror into the heart of every fire hydrant in America.

  • 這很難引起我的同情——這使我膽戰心驚;但我還是不願就這麼離開他。
    It hardly moved my compassion–it appalled me: still, I felt reluctant to quit him so.

  • 在那時候真是膽戰心驚,但現在回過頭想想,這是我做過的最好的決定之一。
    It was pretty scary at the time, but looking back it was one of the best decisions I ever made.

  • 仁慈象王一聽到這個可憐的迷路人那膽戰心驚的哭叫,立刻就滿懷憐憫和同情。
    The Elephant King Goodness heard the sound of the poor lost man’s frightened weeping. Immediately he was filled with pity and compassion.

  • 在此期間,盧克·天行者和瑪拉·傑德在尼勞安膽戰心驚地發現:一個發育中的索龍克隆人。
    During this time, Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade made a chilling discovery on Nirauan: an incubating clone of Thrawn himself.

  • 在十二個月之前的巴黎,隨著雷曼兄弟公司的倒閉,汽車行業膽戰心驚——山雨欲來風滿樓。
    Twelve months ago in Paris, in the wake of the collapse of Lehman Brothers, the mood was dread—the knowledge that something terrible was about to happen.

  • 然後利用胡雪峰和易立的快攻或者外線得分,江蘇這套內外結合的戰術體系足以令任何球隊膽戰心驚
    Then and easy vertical to quick attack or the out wire score using Hu Xuefeng, the tactical system which inside and outside Jiangsu this set unifies makes any team to tremble with fear sufficiently.

  • 要是你有恐懼心理,這並非你一人如此。我們大多數人都懼怕某種事情,一生中至少有一次叫你膽戰心驚
    If you have fears, you are not alone. Most of us are afraid of something – at least once in our lives.

  • 娜塔莎說。盡管如此,這天夜晚娜塔莎時而激動不安,時而膽戰心驚,帶著凝滯的目光久久地躺在母親床上。
    But in spite of this answer, Natasha lay a long while in her mother’s bed that night, her eyes fixed before her, excited and scared by turns.

  • 現在,當我有瞭類似沖動想去攀巖或是探索巖洞或是別的什麼膽戰心驚的活動,我就會提醒自己我不必證明什麼。
    Now, when I feel the old urge to abseil or explore caves or teeter at a great height I remind myself that I do not have to prove a thing.

  • 現在,當我有瞭類似沖動想去攀巖或是探索巖洞或是別的什麼膽戰心驚的活動,我就會提醒自己我不必證明什麼。
    Now, when I feel the old urge to abseil or explore caves or teeter at a great height I remind myself that I don’t have to prove a thing.

  • 這並不奇怪,目前已有研究表明,92%的伊拉克兒童都患有學習障礙,其主要原因是令有令人膽戰心驚的氛圍。
    There was also a study done, that not surprisingly, 92% of the children in Iraq had learning impediment, due to a climate of fear.

  • 第一個男人膽戰心驚的說,魔鬼啊,你能飛起來,並且高過這片樹林嗎?魔鬼很輕易的做到瞭,便殺死瞭這個人。
    Even more frightened the second man whose name was Eggbert said spell my name backwards a million times really quickly, the genie did accomplish the task thus killing the man.

  • 第一個男人膽戰心驚的說,魔鬼啊,你能飛起來,並且高過這片樹林嗎?魔鬼很輕易的做到瞭,便殺死瞭這個人。
    Nervously the first man said fly high above the trees, the genie did so and killed the man.

  • 穿橙色球鞋的門將常常易於做出一些沖動的決定或者是讓人膽戰心驚的動作,顯然他也可以做出一些世界級的撲救。
    Your orange booted goalkeeper can be prone to impulsive decision making and heart stopping gaffes. Obviously, he can also pull off exceptional world-class saves, drawn from the top of the top drawer.

  • 又是一陣炮火過後,一批敵人亂喊亂叫、膽戰心驚地爬上高地,突然一顆顆手榴彈從防空洞裡飛出,敵人又倒下一片。
    It is after a fire, a group of enemiesluan han luan jiao , scared to climb the hill, suddenly from the air-raid shelter for many years out of grenades, the enemy has fallen one.

  • 他對體育的執著精神與頑強的競爭意識使他的對手膽戰心驚,但是他和藹可親,這使他成為美國,乃至世界人們的偶像。
    His athleticism and fierce competitiveness frightened his opponents, but his graciousness made him an American and international icon.

  • 我們大傢都知道,傢居裝修,最讓人頭疼的問題除瞭質量與造價等問題外,還有一個讓人膽戰心驚的問題,就是居室的環保問題。
    As we all know, home decoration, the most headache in addition to the quality and cost issues, there are a people tremble with fear, is the home of environmental protection.

  • 他的做法使整個非洲和部分亞洲地區感到膽戰心驚,因為在這些地方有許多類似的價值數十億的土地合同已經簽訂或正在談判之中。
    He sent a chill through Africa and parts of Asia, where dozens of similar land grabs worth billions of dollars have been signed or are under negotiation.

  • 曼聯肯定會膽戰心驚地揣測我們在痛失聯賽冠軍之後將會以虎狼之勢贏得這場決賽獲得足總杯冠軍後那興高采烈的心情他們必然要等到下個賽季才能體會到。
    Man Utd will have the feeling that we had after losing the Premiership. They will have to wait until next season to get that winning feeling back.

  • 像邦奇威爾士,拉夫阿爾斯通,和麥克詹姆斯這些名字不會讓你膽戰心驚,但是如果你把太多註意力都放在麥蒂和姚明身上的話,他們中任何一個人都可能拿下20分。
    Names like Bonzi Well, Rafer Alston, and Mike James don’t exactly strike terror in your heart but if you concentrate too much on McGrady and Yao any of those guys could drop 20.

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